* Are you are seeing these pictures as they are intended to be seen ? * If your monitor is not calibrated properly you may not be seeing the accurate colours and shades in my pictures. Try calibrating your monitor. Adobe gamma is in your control panel to help you do this. As a rough guide, set your contrast to maximum and brightness to about 75%

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T.S. and Guitar

This was originally shot as a JPEG at night, with the flash suppressed, so that I could slow the shutter speed down and add a sence of movement. I used large candles to light the shot. F/2.0; 1/8 sec; 7.2mm Focal Length; -2/3 Exposure Compensation; Pattern Metering;
The camera used for this shot was a Canon Powershot G6 and was converted to a TIFF image and put together using Photoshop CS2